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Tony wrote a regular 'Op-Ed' column for 7DNEWS LONDON commenting on People, Politics, Culture, and the Media
in the U.S.A., the U.K., and Europe. With an ever-increasing
focus on Environmental Activism and the Climate Crisis.
Here are a few 'Op-Ed' columns of particular note.

Why the ‘Empire Windrush’ Seems So Very Yesterday to Me

Why the ‘Empire Windrush’ Seems So Very Yesterday to Me

14 March 2019

Doris Day: The postwar face of limitless possibility and ‘American Exceptionalism’

23 May 2019

More milk of human kindness than battery acid…and no joke

1 July 2019

Where Was the Spirit of “Tank Man” When We Needed It?

5 July 2019

‘Led By Donkeys’- Britain’s

New Fab Four

10 July 2019

'The Great Hack.'

More Than Enough To Make

You Cough And Splutter

17 Aug 2019

Greta Thunberg:

The Gathering Storm

Politicians Ignore At Their Peril

3 Sep 2019

The End Of The Beginning:

Climate Protest Has

Gone Global

21 Sep 2019

Suffer The Little

Children Unto You And Me

22 Nov 2019

The Janus Identity Revisited -

The Two Faces of Sacha and Zuck

2 Dec 2019

Clive James: The Long Goodbye

6 Dec 2019

Why the Papering over

of America’s Longest War?

30 Dec 2019


Tony wrote many encouragement-themed pieces for

Do Contribute as one of 12 contributors

chosen from all around the world, all from different disciplines, sharing knowledge and advice with

the Do Lectures community.

Here are a few pieces that people liked a lot.

DO No2 - The Real Power Of Positive Thinking.png
DO No3 - What Socrates, Sartre And Sinatra Can Teach Us.png
DO No4 - Should You Zig Or Should You Zag - Kaizen.png
DO No5 - ‘Aint No Mountain High Enough.png
DO No8 - ‘The Bright Cup’ That Stops You From Seeing.png
DO No9 - Choice Is The Indicator.png
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Mystery Writers

Tony has written any number of pieces for
Mystery Writers of America and various
Mystery Author Conventions and Blogs
in the both the US and UK.
Here are just a few of them.

The Book You Have to Read:

'Funeral in Berlin' by Len Deighton

The ninth installment in series highlighting great, but forgotten books

The Rap Sheet | Blog

Long Live Ian Fleming

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary

of the birth of James Bond's creator

MWA NorCal Lineup Magazine

June 2008

Part I - London Peculiar:

Of Times and Place

Part II - London Particular:

Regarding Murder Most Foul

Murder Is Everywhere | Blog