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Mystery Writers

I've written numerous pieces for
Mystery Writers of America and various
other Mystery Author Conventions and Blogs
both here in the the US and the UK.
Ian Fleming, Len Deighton, and London,
for so many reasons, always top of mind.


I was one of 12 contributors chosen from all around the world to share knowledge, offer advice, and give encouragement to the Do Lectures community.

Here are a few Do Contribute pieces people liked.

Long Live Ian Fleming
Celebrating the 100th Anniversary
of the birth of James Bond's creator

MWA NorCal Lineup Magazine

June 2008

Ian Fleming 001.png
Len Deighton 001.png

'Funeral in Berlin'

by Len Deighton

The Book You Have to Read

The Rap Sheet | Blog


Part I - London Peculiar:

Of Times and Place

Murder Is Everywhere | Blog

Newspaper headline & photo.jpg

Part II - London Particular:

Regarding Murder Most Foul

Murder Is Everywhere | Blog

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