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| I wrote a regular 'Op-Ed' column for 7DNEWS LONDON commenting on People, Politics, Culture, and the Media in the USA, the UK, and Europe. With an ever-increasing focus on Environmental Activism and the Climate Crisis.
| Here are one or two that especially resonated with people.
And an Opinion Piece on US immigration that got 'spiked'
as it cast President Trump in a questionable light.

You broke it. Now you fix it.  

7 March 2019

Why the ‘Empire Windrush’ Seems So Very Yesterday to Me

14 March 2019

Why My Aching Heart Forever Belongs To “Auntie Beeb”

21 March 2019

The World Wide Web At 30-Plus. And Who’s Counting?

25 March 2019


WWW at 30 Postscript: Desperately Seeking ‘Woke’

28 March 2019

The Rumpelstiltskin Reversal:

The Jacinda Ardern Chronicles - Part 1

4 April 2019

Red Square; White Album:

The ‘Atomic’ Backbeat to The End of The Cold War.

 14 May 2019

Meeting Gorbachev’: A Film For The Ages And Today, Most Especially

19 May 2019

Doris Day ooo B&W.png

Doris Day: The Postwar Face of Limitless Possibility

and ‘American Exceptionalism’

23 May 2019

polio vaccination UK 1950s II.png

Anti-Vaxxers Are No Laughing Matter;

More’s The Pity

29 May 2019

Don't Just Sit There Chewing Over Your Beliefs

and Biases…Do Something!

21 June 2019

More Milk Of Human Kindness Than Battery Acid…And No Joke.

01 July 2019

4th of July: Where Was the Spirit of “Tank Man” When We Needed It?

05 July 2019

Led by Donkeys  II.png

‘Led By Donkeys’ - Britain’s New Fab Four

10 July 2019

An Open Letter To Ex-UK Ambassador

To The US - Sir Kim Darroch

12 July 2019

If You “Send Them Back” Where They Came From… Who And What’s Left?

Submitted - 25 July 2019 

Don’t Do as I Say - Do What Thou Wilt or Won’t or Whatever

27 July 2019

Brexit 2.O: The Return Of ‘The Dom’

01 Aug 2019 

'The Great Hack.'

More Than Enough To Make You Cough And Splutter

17 Aug 2019

Boris Johnson May Act The Clown

But He’s Nobody’s Fool

20 Aug 2019

Boris Johnson is Nobody’s Fool:

Part Duh! Sea of Change

23 Aug 2019

Greta Thunberg Is The Gathering Storm

3 Sept 2019

"They’re The Wrong Trousers, Gromit!"

- Sizing Up The Milibands

20 Sept 2019

The End of The Beginning:

Climate Protest Has Gone Global

21 Sept 2019

I Used To Love You, But It’s All Over Now…

01 Oct 2019

After 50 Years and 26 Seconds Her Majesty Is Still A Pretty Nice Girl

09 Oct 2019

The Janus Identity - More Than Worthy

of Robert Ludlum

15 Oct 2019  

The Ides of October - Year 3, Act Up

23 Oct 2019

The Burning Question After The California Fires

12 Nov 2019

The Forlorn Hope, Tom Watson, Has  Fallen Foul Of A Once Great Party

16 Nov 2019


Suffer The Little Children Unto You And Me

22 Nov 2019

The Janus Identity Revisited -

The Two Faces of Sacha and Zuck

2 Dec 2019

Clive James: The Long Goodbye

6 Dec 2019

These Aren’t the ‘Zucks’ you’re Looking For - Move Along

12 Dec 2019

There’s No Redacting the Truth Once You Can Clearly See It

20 Dec 2019

Why the Papering Over of America’s Longest War?

30 Dec 2019

The Decade’s First Climate Change Disaster Brought To You By The Golden Globes

11 Jan 2020

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